Lady Bugs

Ladybug Intrusions? Not in Your House!

Swamped with ladybugs? Our professional services at Marett Pest Control safely manage their presence in your home. In South Carolina, ladybugs, particularly the Asian Lady Beetle, often seek shelter indoors during cooler months. Though beneficial in gardens, their large numbers can become a nuisance inside. Our team is skilled at gently and effectively controlling ladybug populations, keeping your home comfortable and bug-free.

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How To Identify Lady Bugs

  • Ladybugs are small, dome-shaped beetles with red or orange wings and black spots.
  • The Asian Lady Beetle, common in South Carolina, can be identified by the white 'M'-shaped marking on its head.
  • They measure about a quarter-inch in length.
  • Ladybugs have a smooth, glossy appearance and a short, rounded body.
  • In the fall, they often cluster on the sunny sides of houses and buildings.

Lady Bugs Habits

  • Ladybugs are beneficial in gardens as they feed on aphids and other harmful pests.
  • They tend to enter homes in the fall to overwinter in large numbers.
  • Once inside, they are attracted to light and warmth, often gathering near windows.
  • They release a yellow fluid as a defense mechanism, which can stain surfaces.
  • In the spring, they leave their overwintering sites to return outdoors.

How To Prevent Lady Bugs

  • Seal cracks and openings around windows, doors, and siding to prevent ladybugs from entering.
  • Install screens on windows and vents to keep them out.
  • Vacuum up any ladybugs that enter the home, being careful to avoid crushing them.
  • Use a mild soapy water solution to clean areas where ladybugs have congregated.
  • Contact Marett Pest Control for non-invasive solutions to manage large ladybug populations in your home.
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