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Bat Exclusion and Guano Cleanup

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How to Identify

A Guide on How to Identify Bat Removal & Clean Up

We safely remove bats from your property and provide thorough guano cleanup, ensuring a bat-free and safe environment for your family and pets.


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How to Identify

A Guide on How to Identify Bat Removal & Clean Up

Identifying a bat infestation is crucial for timely and safe removal. This section provides guidance on detecting signs of bats residing in your home or property, focusing on common indicators and areas where bats are most likely to roost.

  • Look for bat droppings (guano), which are small, dark, and may contain insect parts, beneath roosting areas like attics or eaves.
  • Listen for scratching or squeaking noises in walls or ceilings, particularly at dawn and dusk, when bats are most active.
  • Check for signs of entry and exit points, such as small openings or gaps in the roofline, siding, or around windows.
  • Observe for stains or dark marks near entry points, caused by the oils in bat fur.
  • Inspect for bat carcasses or live bats in secluded areas, including attics, barns, or unused chimneys.
How to Identify

A Guide on How to Identify Bat Removal & Clean Up

After safely removing bats, it's important to thoroughly clean and secure the area to prevent re-infestation and address any associated health hazards. This section outlines essential steps for post-bat removal cleanup and prevention.

  • Seal entry points to prevent bats from re-entering, paying special attention to gaps or holes in the roofline, windows, and siding.
  • Clean up bat droppings (guano) using protective gear, as bat guano can harbor harmful fungi.
  • Disinfect the area thoroughly to eliminate pathogens and odors associated with bat roosts.
  • Replace contaminated insulation or other materials that have been soiled or damaged by bats.
  • Install bat houses nearby to provide an alternative roosting site, helping to divert bats from your home or building.
  • Consult with wildlife control professionals to ensure that all cleanup and prevention measures are in line with local wildlife laws and guidelines.
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We had a terrible problem with bugs. Just one visit made a world of difference. I recommend Todd highly. He gets the job done!

Joy Adams

Great response time checking out our home! Todd was very knowledgeable and confident in what steps we needed to take. Fair price too. So satisfied that we now have him handle out business too.

Matt Yates

Todd was a pleasure to work with! He was responsive, professional, and did a great job. I would recommend him for your extermination needs.

Leslie Smith

Amazing Customer Service! I called this morning and Todd was at my house by 1:30. He definitely saved the day!! He explained everything and answered all my questions! We will be using Marett Pest Control for all our pest issues.

Allison Martin

Amazing service! So easy to schedule and I know if there is an issue I could call but I haven't had to! Also loves that this company supports the community!

Heather Lockaby
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