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How to Identify

A Guide on How to Identify Flying Pests

Flying pests like flies and wasps can disrupt your tranquility. Our flying pest control solutions create pest-free zones, so you can enjoy indoor and outdoor spaces without interference.


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How to Identify

A Guide on How to Identify Flying Pests

Early identification of flying pests is key to managing and controlling their presence effectively. This section provides guidance on recognizing signs of various flying pests, such as flies, mosquitoes, and moths, focusing on general indicators and common areas where these pests are found.

  • Look for swarms or individual flying insects, especially around light sources or near food sources.
  • Inspect for larvae or maggots in decaying organic matter, standing water, or in damp areas, which can indicate the breeding sites of flies and mosquitoes.
  • Check for damage to clothing, fabrics, or pantry items, which can be signs of moth infestations.
  • Be aware of buzzing or humming sounds, particularly in areas with poor sanitation or standing water, where flying pests often congregate.
  • Observe any increase in flying pest activity during certain times of the day or in specific weather conditions, as many species have preferred activity patterns.
How to Identify

A Guide on How to Identify Flying Pests

After addressing an infestation of flying pests, ongoing efforts are necessary to prevent their return. This section outlines important post-treatment steps to maintain a flying pest-free environment, emphasizing preventive measures and routine practices.

  • Regularly remove or cover food sources, including pet food and ripe fruits, to avoid attracting flying pests.
  • Keep windows and doors properly screened to prevent entry of flying pests into your home or business.
  • Eliminate standing water and reduce moisture in and around your property to discourage breeding of pests like mosquitoes.
  • Use appropriate light sources outdoors, such as yellow bulbs or sodium vapor lamps, which are less attractive to many flying insects.
  • Maintain cleanliness and proper sanitation, particularly in kitchen areas and where waste is stored, to deter flies and other pests.
  • Consider using traps, zappers, or environmentally-friendly repellents to control and monitor flying pest populations effectively.
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We had a terrible problem with bugs. Just one visit made a world of difference. I recommend Todd highly. He gets the job done!

Joy Adams

Great response time checking out our home! Todd was very knowledgeable and confident in what steps we needed to take. Fair price too. So satisfied that we now have him handle out business too.

Matt Yates

Todd was a pleasure to work with! He was responsive, professional, and did a great job. I would recommend him for your extermination needs.

Leslie Smith

Amazing Customer Service! I called this morning and Todd was at my house by 1:30. He definitely saved the day!! He explained everything and answered all my questions! We will be using Marett Pest Control for all our pest issues.

Allison Martin

Amazing service! So easy to schedule and I know if there is an issue I could call but I haven't had to! Also loves that this company supports the community!

Heather Lockaby
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