Vanquish Vole Visitors from Your Garden

Struggling with voles in your garden? Our vole control services at Marett Pest Control bring effective solutions to your doorstep. In South Carolina, voles, often mistaken for mice, can wreak havoc in gardens and landscapes. These small rodents are notorious for damaging plant roots and grasses. Our team at Marett Pest Control is skilled in identifying and controlling vole populations, ensuring the protection and health of your outdoor spaces.

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How To Identify Voles

  • Voles are small, stocky rodents, similar in appearance to mice, but with shorter tails, smaller ears, and a rounder face.
  • They typically have dense, brown or gray fur.
  • Voles create distinctive surface runways in grassy areas, a clear sign of their presence.
  • Their burrow entrances are often found around the base of trees or in dense ground cover.
  • In South Carolina, the most common species are the Pine Vole and the Meadow Vole.

Voles Habits

  • Voles are primarily herbivores, feeding on grasses, plant roots, and bulbs.
  • They are most active at dawn and dusk, but can be seen at any time of day.
  • Voles often create extensive tunnel networks in the soil, which can damage plant roots and grass.
  • They have a high reproductive rate, leading to rapid population growth if not managed.
  • Voles typically do not enter homes but can be a significant problem in gardens and landscapes.

How To Prevent Voles

  • Regularly mow and maintain your lawn to reduce cover and food sources for voles.
  • Use protective barriers around trees and shrubs to prevent girdling and root damage.
  • Remove or reduce ground cover, such as mulch or leaf litter, where voles may hide.
  • Consider planting vole-resistant plants in areas where vole activity is high.
  • For effective vole management and control strategies, consult with Marett Pest Control, your local vole control experts.
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